In case the news hasn't reached you, the Chilean Ministry of Economy signed an pact with Microsoft, and this has recently made the Latin American news. I went over some of the coverage in earlier postings, but so far only in Spanish.

Cristian Morgali, a Chilean who works for Red Hat, wrote a summary of Microsoft's "generous" baits:

  1. Training
    • 1 Million USD for training ($67 USD per student for 15.000 students)
    • Coordination through local non profit organizations
  2. Software
    • 15 Million "Free users" of MSFT LIVE (Mail, Messenger, Spaces and Mobile)
    • App Hosting, 2 Gib of storage per user, with WAP access etc.
  3. Local Government Support
    • They will provide the framework for web page development to local municipalities.
  4. Innovation School
    • The creation of a School of innovation in a low income province.
    • 1 Million USD, for the development
  5. Public Local Schools
    • MSFT will provide and maintain the software for local public schools.
  6. Schoolteacher Training
    • 600k USD for the training of local schoolteachers.
  7. Small Business
    • 5 Million USD in SW for small business and productivity tools.
  8. Low income areas
    • MSFT will provide its encyclopedia, and the office Suite, with an estimated savings of 6 Mil
  9. Security Collaboration
    • MSFT will donate its Child Explotation Traking Sistem (CETS)
    • MSFT will contract lawyers to review the local laws regrading ciber criminals
  10. Software Security Collaboration
    • MSFT will work with the local universities, providing bug fixes and security notices
  11. Innovation Initiatives
    • MSFT will collaborate with 4 innovation centers at a university level, to promote innovation, with an investment of 300k over 3 years.
  12. Competitive Innovation
    • MSFT will study the impact of technology in at least 3 important economic sectors of the country.

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