Freesh & libeRTy Changes

Jason Self j at
Mon Aug 22 14:28:10 UTC 2022

The Freesh and libeRTy repositories are undergoing a transition with
these changes:

Keyring changes:

* The freesh-keyring package has been renamed to
  freesh-archive-keyring to follow the current recommendations for
  package naming
* The assorted linux-libre metapackages for
  5.19.3/5.18.19/5.15.62/5.10.137 have a dependency on
  freesh-archive-keyring instead of freesh-keyring
* This will also be done for the remaining linux-libre metapackages
  (5.4, 4.19, 4.14 and 4.9) as new kernel versions come out
* The freesh-archive-keyring package is listed as conflicting with
  and replacing the freesh-keyring package; the intention is to cause
  the freesh-keyring package to be uninstalled as kernel version
  upgrades are done
* Your package manager may mention that the removal of that package
  is happening; it's safe to proceed
* The key for Alexandre Oliva is being added, who may build binaries
  from time to time
* The same is happening for the libeRTy repository, with the
  exception of the package name being liberty-archive-keyring

Transition to deb822 sources:

The new freesh-archive-keyring and liberty-archive-keyring packages
implement the transition from the old style single-line sources.list
entries into the new multiline deb822 .sources file. As as part of
this transition, the new keyring packages will remove the old style
single-line sources.list entries. The updated repository
configurations will live in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/freesh.sources
for Freesh and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/liberty.sources for libeRTy.
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