Maintaining RPMs

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at
Tue Nov 9 19:17:04 UTC 2021

On Nov  1, 2021, Caleb Herbert <csh at> wrote:

> On 10/24/21 13:15, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
>> arch=x86_64
>> ver=`fedpkg --release f35 --name kernel verrel | \
>> sed 's,^kernel-\(libre-\)\?,kernel-libre-,'`
>> mock -r fedora-35 init
>> mock -r fedora-35 --no-clean --target $arch \
>> --resultdir=`pwd`/$ver.$arch \
>> rebuild $ver.src.rpm'

> "ERROR: Could not find required config file: /etc/mock/fedora-35.cfg"

Uhh, apologies, I messed it up expanding the commands extracted from my
build scripts.  It should be 'mock -r fedora-35-x86_64' (or whatever
other arch you wish to build for) wherever I wrote 'mock -r fedora-35'.

You may want to have a look at the mock manual to get acquainted with
it, and also skim over the list of mock configurations in /etc/mock to
get an idea of what you can target with it.

> Also, "s/mock/sudo mock/g".

Or, better, add yourself to group mock and start a new session.

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