Deblob instructions, was: Linux-libre architecture and how to modify it for other uses cases?

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Mon Nov 1 01:25:52 UTC 2021

On Oct 25, 2021, "Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli" <GNUtoo at> wrote:

> I'll try to be more careful next time

Thanks.  No objections to the logic in the Makefile, just to its
containing a link to non-Free code.  If it took the URL as a
command-line parameter, it would have been just fine.

> Parabola has such deblob instructions (with the URL) in several
> packages.

IMHO, cleaning up should be separated from building.  I favor making
cleaned-up souces available, along with cleaning-up logic if it exists,
and sharing build recipes that start from cleaned-up sources.  This
avoids sharing links to proprietary stuff.

> In general, as I understand, the goal here is not to erase non FSDG
> compliant FLOSS projects from the history

It's not something anyone would be able to accomplish even if one set
out to try, so it's not worth discussing.

But I would like nonfree bits to be treated like, let's see, an
experimental pathogen in a lab setting.  Keeping it safely contained is
better than allowing to spread at will; even if others are negligent or
malicious, I don't wish to have a share in the blame for it.

> However for me forbidding deblob instructions in the FSDG

That's a misrepresentation arising from a misunderstanding.  I hope to
have cleared it up now.

> Having information on what was deblobed is also interesting to
> understand where we are

That's something that whoever is interested already knows where to find,
no need to lead others who aren't to it.

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