intel wifi support

Jason Self j at
Thu Sep 24 13:11:41 UTC 2020

Jonathan Sélea instructed:
> If you REALLY need it to work

Please don't suggest to people that they install proprietary software;
it's a ruinous compromise.

mr.fantastic asked:

>  is what is the status of linux-libre support for intel
> wifi/networking cards does they work? are there some models working
> and some require blobs?

All Intel WiFi cards require proprietary software and are
totally unusable in the free world. I see that one of the things that
Bill Auger suggested was replacing it - and that's a good idea. It's
what I'd do. There is a company called ThinkPenguin that sells various
WiFi cards. They even have USB WiFi, if you don't feel comfortable
opening the computer.
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