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Jonathan Sélea jonathan at
Thu Sep 24 08:26:03 UTC 2020

Hi there,

AFAIK, they are still non-free drivers, so they are not a part of 
linux-libre and it does not look like they are going to be either.
If you REALLY need it to work, you can install the "iwlwifi" package 
that works for all debian-based distros, that is something I have been 
forced to do sometimes.

Jonathan Sélea

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On 2020-09-24 10:09, mr.fantastic wrote:
> hi,
> I was asking quesion about intel wifi parabola assist mailing and bill
> auger suggested that I forward my question here
> my question is what is the status of linux-libre support for intel
> wifi/networking cards does they work? are there some models working and
> some require blobs?
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