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The easiest thing to do here is running:

# make menuconfig

Which is an ncurses-based text user interface to configure the kernel, 
from there you usually mark only the features that apply to your 
hardware, and the filesystems you want to use; if you don't want to do 
that, just get a probed generic configuration from another distribution 
and replace .config in the same directory of the linux sources. After 
you are done, run:

# make install

In some cases building an initrd or initramfs might be needed, for that 
you can use whatever is available on your system by default.


On 2017-12-29 13:07, edgar at wrote:
> Hello,
> Short: how do I compile a linux-libre kernel for Ryzen?
> I am trying to compile linux-libre 4.15 with a config for AMD Ryzen (I
> read that 4.15 is the only version for it). I have compiled before,
> but not a linux kernel (I don't know what I am doing). I took a
> config.x86_64 from arch-linux' AUR. I thought of running diff to the
> linux-libre from Parabola. There are 422 differences. I was about diff
> # 60 when I realised that it would be better to ask for help (I could
> recognize the risk of CONFIG_MICROCODE_AMD=y, but why enabling
> CONFIG_MICROCODE=y?, and other questions like CONFIG_FHANDLE). Can
> someone tell me what I should disable in the attached diff? (I removed
> all the commented and empty lines to get a shorter file). Thank you
> very much.
> Bcc jxself
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