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Miguel Trujillo mimex at
Tue Feb 10 03:17:02 UTC 2015

On 09/02/15 12:37, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> We have a longish list of sources of binaries of GNU Linux-libre.  I
> realized today that a number of links there are possibly obsolete or
> dangling.
> In case anyone ever wanted to do something for GNU Linux-libre but never
> felt able to...  checking that the links are not dangling, and whether
> the repositories we point to are still active, would be a very welcome
> contribution!
> If you're interested, start at
> and let us know through the list what you find out.
> Updates to the French version of this page are also welcome, and so
> would be translations to other languages.  Checking that I haven't
> goofed in my non-native English and Spanish wouldn't hurt either ;-)
> Thanks in advance!

Hello, I've found this rot links using wget at

Miguel Trujillo
mimex at

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