using non-free radeon firmware with a libre kernel base

Michał Masłowski mtjm at
Fri Apr 19 15:21:42 UTC 2013

> I imagine that subject line will get me booted from this list, but I'm
> stuck between a rock and hardplace. I want OpenGL support (and
> eventually OpenCL). /Every/ single Radeon card requires non-free
> firmware. What else can I do?

You can use a system with an Intel GPU (not a PowerVR one in e.g. some
Atoms), buy an Nvidia card supported by Nouveau or use new enough Mesa
with llvm-pipe if your CPU is fast enough.

> [   25.803392] r600_cp.0: Missing Free firmware
> [   25.806729] [drm:r600_do_init_cp] *ERROR* Failed to load firmware!
> In summary, I was wondering if libre adjustments to the kernel do
> anything else to the configuration that I need to fix in order for this
> to work.

The deblob scripts replace the firmware name in code requesting it with
/*(DEBLOBBED)*/ so dmesg output won't recommend this firmware.
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