[Users] list of things to do?

Antonio Gallo tonicucoz at h-node.com
Sat Jul 30 06:21:08 UTC 2011

> That could be possible too but more important is a page where: 
>      1. the user clicks on a link 
>      2. ichecks what hardware you have 
>      3. checks what drivers and firmware you are using for each
>         hardware 
>      4. verifies which firmware has blobs (from linux-libre scripts) 
>      5. verifies which hardware is nonfree (from linux-libre scripts) 
>      6. asks the user if the hardware that uses free drivers and
>         firmware work 
>      7. adds this data to the database 
>      8. reports to the user what nonfree software s/he is using. 
> > where could I find the list of all the drivers/firmware loaded by the
> > linux-libre kernel?
> > 

I think this could be done by means of the client, for example the
client already lists the devices of a user. It does not currently look
for the driver/firmware name but we should add it. (points 1,2,3)

We could use a list of all the drivers/firmware used by the linux-libre
kernel and check if a driver used is inside that list (4,5), the client
should do it

We could think to create an alert (8) if a device is marked as working
while the driver/firmware is not in the list of the drivers/firmware
loaded by linux-libre

> I suppose you can find it in the linux-libre scripts.
> http://www.linux-libre.fsfla.org/pub/linux-libre/releases/LATEST-2.6.39.N/

I'm certainly not able to discover that list because I do not have any
experience on linux-libre and on a kernel in general :)

> I am copying this mail to that list so we can be sure. If they
> respond, I will forward it to this list.


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