[Users] list of things to do?

Quiliro Ordóñez quiliro at congresolibre.org
Fri Jul 29 15:53:06 UTC 2011

El 29/07/11 10:25, Antonio Gallo escribió:
>> A web application that would find what drivers and firmware are used and
>> then check that information to verify if they are in the free drivers
>> and firmware that linux-Libre uses.
> A page where all the drivers used, taken from devices already in the
> database, are listed? Something like
> driverA     --- ok (free) (link to the device page)
> driverB     --- ok (free) (link to the device page)
> driverC     --- error (not free - please check the device page) (link to
> the device page)
> ...
That could be possible too but more important is a page where:

   1. the user clicks on a link
   2. ichecks what hardware you have
   3. checks what drivers and firmware you are using for each hardware
   4. verifies which firmware has blobs (from linux-libre scripts)
   5. verifies which hardware is nonfree (from linux-libre scripts)
   6. asks the user if the hardware that uses free drivers and firmware work
   7. adds this data to the database
   8. reports to the user what nonfree software s/he is using.

> where could I find the list of all the drivers/firmware loaded by the
> linux-libre kernel?

I suppose you can find it in the linux-libre scripts.

I am copying this mail to that list so we can be sure. If they respond, 
I will forward it to this list.

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