documenting devices that require non-free firmware on Linux

Felipe Sanches juca at
Sat Mar 6 10:44:19 UTC 2010

I have setup a wiki for this documentation:
Please contribute with all information you are able to discover about
devices that are not yet supported by free firmware.

--Felipe Sanches

PS: I have already found some nice info about ATM (network) devices.

On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 8:33 PM, Felipe Sanches <juca at> wrote:
> I'd like to start documenting the devices that require non-free
> firmware in Linux. It is intended as a way to foster the development
> of free firmwares for these devices by making information more easily
> accessible and better organized. Here is a proposal of template for
> wiki pages on that topic.
> --Felipe Sanches
> =Reference at LinuxLibre log=
> (example:
>  ATM_AMBASSADOR - Madge Ambassador, Collage PCI 155 Server
>  drivers/atm/ambassador.c: disabled non-Free firmware-loading machinery
>  drivers/atm/ambassador.c: removed blobs
>  firmware/atmsar11.HEX: removed blobs
>  firmware/Makefile: dropped firmware/atmsar11.fw
> )
> =What is the purpose of the device?=
> (example:
>  ATM Network card (
> )
> =Who needs it?=
> (which computer models use this device or which niche users usually
> buy such peripherals?)
> =How critical it is to get free support for it?=
> (Is it a very popular device that requires us to prioritize efforts?)
> =What is(are) the processor architecture(s) of this device?=
> Unknown.
> =Who is working on a free firmware implementation?=
> Nobody.
> =Links to online documentation=
> (i.e. datasheets, developer's guides, official or non-official
> specifications, etc)
> =Where are the non-free firmware images made available?=
> (usually here we would want an url to the manufacturer's firmware
> download webpage)
> =What makes them non-free?=
> (describe clearly the specific reasons for it being considered non-free)
> *Source code is not available.
> =What else do we know about this device?=
> (any further info that might help the creation of free firmware for it)

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