Gentoo and Linux-Libre

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Sat Jun 26 19:08:25 UTC 2010

Quoth Quiliro Ordóñez:
> Ututo was once based on Gentoo and is fully compatible and could be
> reintegrated with it but it uses it's own deblobed kernel. How can this
> change you made, benefit Ututo?

I just took a quick look at Ututo, and it looks like they may have
moved further away from gentoo than makes sense to use our work.
However, perhaps I'm just missing something. If Ututo still uses
ebuilds and eclasses for its packages, then we're compatible.

I don't really know how Ututo works, so the easiest thing if the
project thinks this work could be useful for them would be to
contact me, and/or just look at the code (search for 'DEBLOB' in

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