[GNU-linux-libre] Re: 100% Free Software T-shirt design - [Fwd: Una idea...]

John Sullivan johns at fsf.org
Fri Jun 11 15:02:44 UTC 2010

Alexandre Oliva <lxoliva at fsfla.org> writes:

> On Jun  8, 2010, "Luis A. Guzmán García" <ark at switnet.org> wrote:
>> I was talking to hound (Jose Benito) who's the art4trisquel.org admin site
>> and great designer about the shirts initiative and he gently accepted to
>> help on it.
> Thanks, José Benito and Luis Alberto, for the suggestions.  You've come
> up with beautiful designs, indeed.  I assume Luis will put them up on
> his site, that's back up now.
> The one thing I miss on them is the names of the distros.  As nice as
> the logos are, they're only meaningful if you already know of the
> distros.  So the proposed designs are missing in delivering that part of
> the intended message.  I think naming the distros somehow might be
> needed (more on this below).

The names/URLs could go on the back -- people have enjoyed the part of
our LibrePlanet t-shirt where they try to name which logos on the front
of the shirt go with which programs.

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