100% Free Software T-shirt design - [Fwd: Una idea...]

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Fri Jun 11 11:06:09 UTC 2010

On Jun  8, 2010, "Luis A. Guzmán García" <ark at switnet.org> wrote:

> I was talking to hound (Jose Benito) who's the art4trisquel.org admin site
> and great designer about the shirts initiative and he gently accepted to
> help on it.

Thanks, José Benito and Luis Alberto, for the suggestions.  You've come
up with beautiful designs, indeed.  I assume Luis will put them up on
his site, that's back up now.

The one thing I miss on them is the names of the distros.  As nice as
the logos are, they're only meaningful if you already know of the
distros.  So the proposed designs are missing in delivering that part of
the intended message.  I think naming the distros somehow might be
needed (more on this below).

I was inspired by the gnu gallaxy idea: it got me thinking that we might
try to draw the logos into a gnu constellation that spells FREE or 100%
or some such.  I couldn't make that work (lack of design and inkscape
skills :-) but maybe someone else can.

I kind of dislike when Freedo is above GNU, it strikes me as unfair,
even if GNU is bigger.  It should be other way round; the kernel is
architecturally underneath the rest of the operating system.

I'm also slightly (but not much, really) concerned about having Freedo
mistaken for Tux because of the lack of colors.  As much as a
monochromatic design will cut the costs, I'm pondering bringing in its
light blue in, which might bring some more life to the T-shirts too.
Not sure about that.

Perhaps instead of adding one more color we could add another
monochromatic design on the back, naming the distros or so.

All that said, I'm very fond of gnu and freedo in the % sign.  I wish we
could somehow use that.  Maybe it's just the hacker in me, but I suppose
hackers are a big part of our target audience.

Oh, something else that I hadn't got to, even in the original design,
was to add a link to gnu.org/distros and perhaps Linux-libre.FSFLA.org.
Perhaps, instead of 100% Free Software, we could phrase it 100% Free
GNU/Linux-libre distros.  This would avoid confusion about other Free
Software projects that are not mentioned because they're not distros.

Thanks a lot of the designs, please keep them coming!

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