Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Mon Apr 5 07:31:40 UTC 2010

Just in case you missed last week's announcement on identi.ca or IRC...

I've finally managed to build mipsel.debs out of 2.6.33, appling patches
to the make-kpkg/kernel-package machinery after “make-kpkg debian”.

I also managed to finally get it to use the self-decompressing vmlinuz
as vmlinux, rather than the uncompressed binary.  This will probably
bring in some significant improvements to boot time, more so if you can
do away with the initrd.  If you can't, recompressing initrd.img with
lzma rather than gzip will give you a nice improvement.  This has been
supported for a while, but I hadn't tested it before.

A fresh build, just out of the oven, is
available from the lemote/gnewsense repository at linux-libre.fsfla.org.

I expected make-kpkg to also package and install the uncompressed
binary, so that System.map would make sense, but AFAICT it didn't.
Until I (or you :-) figure this out, I guess you'll have to resort to
the linux-build*.tar.bz2 tarball in case you need the uncompressed

I've just noticed that this build tarball grew some 50% after I started
building linux-source .debs in addition to the -source and -patches
tarballs.  I haven't tried to figure out why yet; if you do, please let
me know.

gNewSense/mipsel builds for the other releases in Subject are underway.

I'm running short on disk space on the Linux-libre master server, so I'm
going to clean up the releases/ tree shortly, moving the 3rd-generation
Linux-libre releases to releases/old/gen3, removing the bulky source
tarballs but leaving the xdeltas and the signatures in place, so you can
still reconstruct the exact tarballs if you want to.

I've already duplicated the trees in old/gen3, so you can already see
what they're going to look like, but I haven't removed the corresponding
trees from releases/ yet.  If you want to grab the tarballs, now is the
time ;-)

In spite of the perfect timing, there aren't Easter Eggs in these
releases ;-)

I hope you had a good one,

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