linux- suitable for Free System Distributions

Rubén Rodríguez Pérez ruben at
Sat Mar 21 21:46:20 UTC 2009

I'm going to backport it into Trisquel 2.1 (hardy based) immediately, it
seems to be an excellent work!

Also, a 2.6.24 deblobber based in this work would be very useful, as it
can be applied to the default kernel from both Trisquel and gNewSense.


El sáb, 21-03-2009 a las 17:51 -0300, Alexandre Oliva escribió:
> Several months ago, I realized the existing releases of Linux-libre,
> that removed non-Free Software present in Linux, still retained code and
> documentation that induced users to install and use non-Free Software.
> This means it wasn't fit for use in Free System Distributions.
> I started working to fix that bug back then.  Today, I'm very excited to
> announce, straight from the Libre Planet 2009 conference organized by
> the FSF, the first version of Linux-libre that won't do that any more.
> The 2.6.28-libre1 release, and the patched release, are
> now available from, bringing back several
> drivers that used to be disabled before, and not disabling any driver
> whatsoever.
> Some of the drivers we used to disable have been modified so that they
> now report the lack of Free firmware, instead of requesting users to
> load non-Free Software into their systems.  These reports should be
> useful for userland to pick up and report some useful, informative and
> educational message to the user, explaining that their hardware is not
> compatible with Free Software.
> Other drivers we used to disabled contained suspicious strings that had
> been conservatively removed.  Having verified the technical and legal
> status of some of them, and having determined that some others weren't
> code after all, this release brings them back in.  Some WiFi interfaces
> and video capture devices, will be functional with this new release.
> Other releases of Linux-libre, including past ones and the upcoming
> 2.6.29, will certainly require additional work, but nothing even close
> to the amount of work it took to get to this one.  Thanks for your
> patience.
> I'd also like to thank the FSF for offering us our new build and web
> server, the first in which this release was prepared, and Jeff Moe, who
> had paid for our previous server.
> Please report to linux-libre at any problems you run into with
> this release (other than compile errors in a few dvb drivers, I'm on
> those already), and let us know of any case in which you believe I may
> have removed something that could have been retained.
> Happier (and freer) hacking, :-)

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