non free file (/include/linux/mroute.h)

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Mon Jun 8 15:19:08 UTC 2009

Il giorno lun, 08/06/2009 alle 01.02 -0300, Alexandre Oliva ha scritto:
> If there isn't a license there, it should be taken as under GPLv2.

> If this header is a derivative of the mroute code, under copyright law,
> then there might be a need to apply the terms of the mrouted license to
> it, which would indeed make it non-Free Software AFAICT.
Yes, no license, but the poor information that it give us leads me to
think that.

> There are other ways by which mroute.h could have been created, however,
> that wouldn't set this requirement.  Do you have any evidence that it
> was created in a way that would make it a derivative work under
> copyright law, rather than under any of the copyright exeptions
> (e.g. interface only) or clean-room procedures to ensure it isn't?
> It would be desirable to check the signed-off-by trail of this file and
> check how it was created and contributed before declaring it non-Free.
> Would you be willing to do that?
i'll do


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