Open source firmware for Broadcom wireless adapters

Ufa ufa at
Mon Jan 12 16:46:55 UTC 2009

Maybe we can add this to linux-libre ;)

Many people complain about the problem of binary firmware blobs; the
folks at the OpenFWWF project are doing something about it. They have
just released an early implementation of a free firmware load for
Broadcom 802.11b and 802.11g boards. "Although the base firmware is
not fully 802.11 compliant, e.g., it does not support RTS/CTS
procedure or QoS, we believe that someone could be interested in
testing it. The firmware does not require the kernel to be modified
and it uses the same shared memory layout and global registers usage
of the original stuff from broadcom to ease loading by the b43 driver
(and ease our writing...)."

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