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Sun Jan 4 17:32:55 UTC 2009

On Jan  2, 2009, oswaldkelso <oswaldkelso at> wrote:

> Having the latest stable kernel available as a .deb is a great idea.



Thanks for this blog post.  If you can make the kernels you built
available, we'd love to link to them.  If you don't have hosting, we
could probably arrange to host them for you, but the Linux-libre primary
hosting machine is probably going to move soon, and I'm still not sure
where to.

> Oh and what is the correct name if it exists. "libre-kernel"
> kernel-libre" 

The project name is Linux-libre.

The kernel-libre packages for freed-ora are named after the kernel
packages in the non-Free distro it's aimed at.  In retrospect, I'm not
sure this was such a good idea.  Naming them linux-libre might have been
politically better, but then, packages starting with 'kernel' are
considered somewhat special by some package-mgmt tools.  I'm not sure
it's worth changing it at this point.

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