linux-libre on PowerPC

oswaldkelso oswaldkelso at
Fri Jan 2 12:16:10 UTC 2009

Hi all 

I was looking over

and saw:

If you roll out your own generally-available
Linux-libre-based binaries, let us know.

Well I do, compile the libre kernel for my ppc machines running Debian.
I have very little techie knowledge but am sure I could make the .debs
available. Due to my lack of techie skills, I would fully understand it
if you think this were not a good idea.

Having the latest stable kernel available as a .deb is a great idea.
It allows people that care about freedom, but aren't  techie enough to
build their own kernel to have one. People with old machines and small
hard drives don't have to grab all the tools needed to build it. It
encourages People that aren't techie enough to build their kernel, and
don't care about freedom, but need some new feature in a later kernel.
To install and share. So spreading kernel-libre along with it's

Oh and what is the correct name if it exists. "libre-kernel"

My real name is Andy Vedmore but if in any correspondence you could use
my handle "oswaldkelso" the name of my old cat. I would be grateful.

thanks oswaldkelso

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