[Gnewsense-dev] Linux-libre 2.6.32 (for Lemote)

Wu Zhangjin wuzhangjin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 01:53:41 UTC 2009


On Sun, 2009-12-13 at 18:44 -0200, Alexandre Oliva wrote: 
> On Dec  9, 2009, Robert Millan <rmh at aybabtu.com> wrote:
> > Linux-libre 2.6.32 (Lemote branch) has been pushed and will be available
> > tomorrow in the metad repository, please try it out.
> It didn't boot for me either, but I took the patches from Lemote's
> 2.6.32-stable branch as of yesterday and rolled out binaries that seem
> to work.  Compared with your builds, I added a bunch of modules that I
> need, and I put in Freedo as the boot logo.
> The two problems I noticed were in poweroff (it doesn't)

Do you mean "poweroff" command not work? just tested the 2.6.32 in the
git repository again, no problem.

I guess: you have fogotten the "machtype=8.9" kernel command line, if
yes, please put it into /boot/boot.cfg, for the 2.6.32 can run on all
Lemote Loongson2F family machines, the machtype command line is needed
to select the yeeloong specific support. (It will be passed by PMON
automatically in the latest PMON versions. but now, you need to do it

Why 8.9? please have a look at this machtype definition:

static const char *system_types[] = {
        [MACH_LOONGSON_UNKNOWN]  "unknown loongson machine",
        [MACH_LEMOTE_FL2E]       "lemote-fuloong-2e-box",
        [MACH_LEMOTE_FL2F]       "lemote-fuloong-2f-box",
        [MACH_LEMOTE_ML2F7]      "lemote-mengloong-2f-7inches",
        [MACH_LEMOTE_YL2F89]     "lemote-yeeloong-2f-8.9inches",
        [MACH_DEXXON_GDIUM2F10]  "dexxon-gidum-2f-10inches",
        [MACH_LEMOTE_NAS]        "lemote-nas-2f",
        [MACH_LEMOTE_LL2F]       "lemote-lynloong-2f",
        [MACH_LOONGSON_END]      NULL,

As the above definition shows, "machtype=yeeloong" is also okay.

[I cross compiled the kernel with gcc 4.4.1 and binutils 2.20(with the
related patch from Lemote,

Note: This binutils patch is only available for the binutils 2.20 and
later versions. I'm not sure whether this patch works on the older
versions. thanks!]

> and in the apm
> emulation (I don't get a battery icon any more, and /proc/apm seems to
> be, erhm, confused).

do you have "CONFIG_APM_EMULATION=y"?

It's better to make it be =y, not =m, for this module can not be loaded
automatically, of course, you can put it in /etc/modules. without it,
the battery subdriver of yeeloong_laptop not work.

This is enabled in arch/mips/configs/lemote2f_defconfig.

>   I tried to port yeeloong_battery from to
> 2.6.32, but that didn't help, so I left it out,

The yeeloong_battery module is not needed for 2.6.32, it is rewritten and
merged into arch/mips/loongson/lemote-2f/yeeloong_laptop.c.

I'm sorry to change it, but as you know, I'm pushing
the loongson support to the mainline, I need to ensure the source code
is clean enough. the current implementation is cleaner and based on the APM_EMULATION.

some of yeeloong_battery is splitted out into the hwmon subdriver in yeeloong_laptop.c,
and with it, you can get the battery information via lm-sensors or sensors-applet(
more utilities: gkrellm, ksensors, xsensors, wmtemp, wmsensors, wmgtemp, ksysguardd,

>  although the patch is in
> the -patches tarball I published.
> http://linux-libre.fsfla.org/pub/linux-libre/lemote/gnewsense has
> sources and binaries for the 2.6.32-libre build, as well as for a
> build that doesn't have these problems.
> I also posted instructions on how I built them in the 00README file.
> Enjoy!

Thanks & Best Regards,
	Wu Zhangjin

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