Linux-libre 2.6.32 (for Lemote)

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at
Sun Dec 13 20:44:11 UTC 2009

On Dec  9, 2009, Robert Millan <rmh at> wrote:

> Linux-libre 2.6.32 (Lemote branch) has been pushed and will be available
> tomorrow in the metad repository, please try it out.

It didn't boot for me either, but I took the patches from Lemote's
2.6.32-stable branch as of yesterday and rolled out binaries that seem
to work.  Compared with your builds, I added a bunch of modules that I
need, and I put in Freedo as the boot logo.

The two problems I noticed were in poweroff (it doesn't) and in the apm
emulation (I don't get a battery icon any more, and /proc/apm seems to
be, erhm, confused).  I tried to port yeeloong_battery from to
2.6.32, but that didn't help, so I left it out, although the patch is in
the -patches tarball I published. has
sources and binaries for the 2.6.32-libre build, as well as for a build that doesn't have these problems.

I also posted instructions on how I built them in the 00README file.


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