Helping linux fix things

Rubén Rodríguez Pérez ruben at
Sun Aug 23 21:49:30 UTC 2009

> I propose we use a wiki (a category on libreplanet?) to document 
> each of these problematic sections. This could then be a really 
> useful resource for kernel hackers to find and solve each problem 
> area. Roughly speaking, pages should try to include the following 
> sections (we don't have to create them all at once of course, can 
> start out with stubs and gradually add this):
>  - Where in the kernel tree the offending part is
>  - What it does
>  - Where it originated
>  - Who's responsible for the driver / subsystem

I'm starting to work in the same thing -just digging into the
linux-libre scripts at the moment-. And I think the libreplanet wiki is
the way to go, and the category should be FreedSoftware. Under that
category you will also find the freedsoftware/gnu-linux-libre workgroup,
formed by all the fully free GNU/Linux distros and related projects.

The only current "documentation" listing all the dirty pieces in the
kernel is the deblobbing scripts in linux-libre, but AFAIK they are not
documented in a user readable manner, so that is what we need.

I've also started a software blacklist page in there -just a work in
progress-, it is a similar concept. This page has a template -I'm just
starting to apply it to the current list- with sections similar to
yours. Take a look at

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