[GNU-linux-libre] naming the Linux-libre artwork

Fernando ferkiwi at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 17:12:11 UTC 2009

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> Is anyone in love with the light blue?  I'm thinking we could save one
> color (printing costs) by replacing it with black, like most penguins
> out there, and remaking the eyes.
> Something like this, but... with a proper face expression :-)

I'm not a Linux-libre developer and maybe I don't have much vote on
this... but I would like to say that I like more the version by Rubén

I think that the light blue color gives Freetz personality, sets him
apart from tux and makes him be much more cooler :-P ...else it will
be just tux with cleaning tools.

Also, I think that it also looked better without the line in the beak,
his expression makes him look cute, innocent and pure.

If it is for the sake of ink economy, then maybe a light grey (albino
penguin) version could be easily done, light grey would be in my
opinion much more fitting than black, still keeping him original and
clean-looking. I've attached my version, I've also made a little tweak
on the right wing, to me it looked like in a bit forced position

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