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Ali Gunduz gndz.ali at
Mon Apr 20 07:37:33 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I have just put together a patch to add the option of using our new
mascot as the boot logo. Notice that it doesn't replace the current
Linux logos but adds a new config option.

I am not sure if this kind of a patch should ever become a part of the
official releases, since it doesn't add any new freedom to the kernel.
But it certainly feels nice to be able to show your commitment to the
kernel freedom in a visual way since Linux-libre doesn't really
distinguish itself visually on its installations.

Either way, I'm probably going to apply this line of patches to the
Freedom Shoppe builds I publish at and
you can have sense of how it runs on my blog post at

Happy Hacking!

Ali Gündüz
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