yet another linux-libre logo

Steven DuBois sdubois92 at
Sun Apr 19 01:18:06 UTC 2009

It may be to late, but I felt compelled to add yet another logo to the pool of currently designed 
logos. The basic idea behind it is simple, Tux is being freed from his "ball and chain" of non-free 
software. I think the other design of the floating GNU playing a flute to free a blue tux with wings 
from a cage has a bit too much going on and is not easily interpretable. I am open to any suggestions 
or complaints people may have with it. 

Also, I am not an inkscape expert, and I couldn't figure out how to move the center of the gradient on 
the ball to give it more of a natural reflective look, but this is just my first design.

Steven DuBois
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