Microsoft Releases Linux Device Drivers As GPL

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News: <> Microsoft Releases Linux Device Drivers As
Monday July 20, @01:10PM
 * Posted by timothy <> on Monday July 20,
*from the could-easily-be-world's-largest-open-source-distributor dept.*
  microsoft <>
 gnu <>
 mjasay <> writes *"Microsoft used to call the GPL
'anti-American.' Now, as Microsoft releases Hyper-V Linux Integration
Components (LinuxIC) under the GPL (version
apparently Microsoft calls the GPL 'ally.' Of course, there was little
chance the device drivers would be accepted into the Linux kernel base
unless open source, but the news suggests a shift for Microsoft. It also
reflects Microsoft's continued interest in undermining its virtualization
competition through low prices, and may suggests concern that it must open
up if it wants to fend off insurgent virtualization strategies from Red Hat
(KVM), Novell (XEN), and others in the open-source camp. Microsoft said the
move demonstrates its interest in using open source in three key
1) Make its software development processes more efficient, 2) product
evangelism, and 3) using open source to reduce marketing and sales costs or
to try out new features that highlight parts of the platform customers
haven't seen before."*
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