The positive approach to FLISOL

rafael bonifaz rafael.bonifaz en
Vie Ene 25 02:49:20 UTC 2008

How about if we instead of attacking the people who install non free
software on FLISOL we can praise those people who only install free
software. I think this way the FSFLA would encourage the FLISOL people to do
the right thing. I think this way those that are not doing things 100% well
would learn from those that are doing things right.

How can we motivate them? I don't know, but anything is better than
attacking people that want to help. Remember that FLISOL is not only about
Free Software, but also about Latin America working together to help other
people.  Even if they install non free software, they are cooperating for
FLISOL because they want to help. Attacks like those that Alexandre made on
FLISOL mailing lists may desmotivate a lot of people that are only trying to

I know Alexandre is telling the true and he is doing it because he thinks is
the right thing. Attaking him for doing that is also wrong. Today I learn a
quote that I would like to share with all, but specially with Alexandre

"La verdad puede compararse con una piedra preciosa: si la lanzamos contra
el rostro  , puede herer, pero si la envolvemos en un delicado paquete y la
ofrecemos con ternura, ciertamente será aceptada con agrado"

So I think saying the true is a good thing, but we must do it in a delicate
way so that people can understand the importance of Freedom in cyber space.


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