"Be Free!" is an FSFLA campaign to renew and promote the essential values of the Free Software movement: the ethical, moral and social principles, based mainly on the Golden Rule, that lead to the conclusion that not respecting any of the 4 essential freedoms of Free Software is unethical, that accepting, endorsing or promoting these practices is harmful to that who accepts them and to all society, that is, it's immoral.


Linux, the kernel distributed by Linus Torvalds et al, contains non-Free Software. Linux-libre is a project to maintain and publish 100% Free versions of Linux, in source code form, as well as in packages for GNU/Linux-libre distributions, such as BLAG, and GNU/Linux, such as Freed-ora.


** FSFLA is the Latin American organization
member of the international network of FSFs,
Free Software Foundations. **

Our mission is to defend the rights and freedoms of software users and developers, to fight for your freedom to run the software you use for any purpose you wish, to study its source code if you wish and adapt it to do what you wish, and to copy it, distribute it and publish it when you wish, with or without improvements you may have made. This way, you, we and everyone can use computers in freedom.

When you permit others to trample your freedoms over some software you use, the harm isn't limited to you. Without resistance, they will extend their power over you and everyone.

It's a social problem, curable with your help, rejecting non-Free Software and replacing it with Free Software. Stand up for your freedoms: try to resist the control imposed on us through the software we use.

** The more people resist,
the more people will be Free, and
the more people will be free to be Free. ** ** For your own good, and
in solidarity to all,
choose freedom. ** ** Be Free! **