What happened to fsfla.org?

Some have noticed and asked us about the extended downtime of fsfla.org. We've experieced the loss of the primary hard disk and of the external storage containing the on-site backups. As a result, restoring the services has taken much longer than initially expected.

Damage report

Messages posted on February 2 and 3, delivered between the disk crash and the last backup before it won't appear in the archives. Changes to the wiki in the same period may have been lost. Some messages posted on February 13 and 14 may have returned due to transient incompatibilities between DNS and mail relay configurations.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we're very excited to be back.


Our server still runs on a virtual machine kindly offered by FSFE, and we thank FSFE and its system hackers for the attention and dedication devoted to restoring our server even before fully restoring their own.