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being a subscription business model doesn't by itself make the business ethical or unethical. a subscription business model that respects customers' essential freedoms is not objectionable; one that doesn't is 2022-08-08 16:33

oh, I missed a bit there. non gpl is only unethical when it's nonfree. there are plenty of free software licenses other than the gpl, and those are all ethical. what's unethical is to *deny* essential freedoms. respecting them, even when not actively defending them, is morally acceptable. 2022-08-08 16:31

asking for money is not relevant to the issue; the same problem is there if the subjugation is offered free of charge.
something that can't possibly be repaired isn't unethical, that's not the issue either. it's placing artificial roadblocks to make it difficult or impossible for others to do what they wish with stuff they got from you that makes you (not you specifically, mind you ;-) a jerk, and such behavior morally reproachable.
of course a lot of people seem to be willing to tolerate user/consumer subjugation and servitude, perhaps some under the expectation that some day they will be the ones holding power over others. that's shortsighted and leads to an overall social loss. we've mostly overcome slavery, and we shall overcome other forms of servitude and subjugation. I dream some day consumer and software user subjugation will be perceived for what it is, and socially rejected as it ought to be. there aren't valid excuses for such abusive behaviors 2022-08-08 15:48

I don't even know what "open software" means, but I favor strong copyleft like gpl. if you agree that denying right to repair is unethical, do realize that software freedom amounts to right to repair applied to software (I've said so for over 16 years), and to goods with embedded software, so you seem to have some further thinking to do, and then addressing that cognitive dissonance 2022-08-08 12:12

what happens if you don't change into such weird-looking clothes to bike? do they then give you weird looks, or do people go as far as trying to stop you to remind you to put them on? some of the most curious aspects of such unstated social norms is not so much the norm itself, but the "enforcement" mechanisms 2022-08-08 00:47

there's nothing wrong with charging for free software, but making it user-subjugating makes it unethical and socially harmful. as for goo* and f*k, most of what they release as free software is only relevant for surveillance capitalists at their scale, so useless for most of us, and ultimately actively harmful when used against us. being free software doesn't necessarily make it good, but being nonfree is reason enough to label it unjust and undesirable 2022-08-08 00:33

tô me vendo em você. quando vou pra lugares em que neva até na primavera, fico apavorado bem assim. é tudo questão de hábito e de roupa adequada. lá, eles saem pra passear com bebês, com cachorro, às vezes até de camiseta e bermuda, em temperaturas que aqui a gente nem sairia de casa, muito menos com bebê ou cachorro ;-)
se vc for pra lugar onde faz frio pra valer, é bom pra já começar a se acostumar ;-) 2022-08-07 18:08

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