Freed-ora f30 and f31 rpms broken, fixes on the way

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at
Mon May 6 00:28:21 UTC 2019

I goofed when resolving a merge conflict and this caused recent f30 and
f31 rpms to be compiled in such a way that modules are packaged for
installation in one directory but are searched for in another, e.g.
/lib/modules/5.0.11-libre.300.fc30.gnu.x86_64/ vs
                         ^ -libre. -> -libre-

Airwave on IRC ran into the problem (sorry) and diagnosed it.  I
restarted the 5.0.12-gnu f30 build with that fix (earlier f30 builds, up
to and including 5.0.11-gnu, have the problem), and the build has just
finished and been published in the f30-detesting repository.

The same fix will be included in the upcoming f31 build of 5.1-gnu or
5.1-rc8-gnu, whatever Mr Torvalds releases next.

In theory, the broken builds can still be used (though I haven't tested)
if you symlink the searched-for dir to the one where modules live, and
then rerun post-install kernel magic (depmod, dracut).

It might also work to create the symlink before installing the kernel,
so that the scripts will find what they're looking for.

In case you try one of these, or something else, and it works, please
let us know.

Another possibility, that is known to work, is to install an f29 kernel
for the time being.

Thanks, and apologies for the breakage.

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