60 seconds to wake from suspend

Andrew Engelbrecht sudoman at ninthfloor.org
Fri Dec 2 20:26:17 UTC 2011

When I try to wake from suspend to ram/ sleep mode in Trisquel 5.0, I
see a black screen with a white underscore for approx. 60 seconds, until
the screen goes black and then my session resumes.

I found the following in my kern.log after waking up from suspend:

Oct 29 11:54:06 igo kernel: [ 1957.780656] r8169 0000:09:00.0: eth0:
unable to apply firmware patch
Oct 29 11:54:06 igo kernel: [ 1957.782092] PM: resume of drv:r8169
dev:0000:09:00.0 complete after 60529.606 msecs

I'm guessing that the kernel wants to patch the non-free firmware that
isn't installed on my system, then waits 60 seconds until it gives up
and continues.

I should note that sometimes, there is startup output text displayed on
the screen for those 60 seconds.

Also, sometimes, the computer never wakes up and I have to do a hard

(As a side note, when I boot up/ turn on this laptop from the powered
off state, and if it goes with text mode instead of a splash screen, I
see something like: "Missing free firmware", with some numbers. However,
it does not seem to wait any amount of time after displaying this message.)

This was not an issue with Trisquel 4.5.1. My laptop is a Thinkpad Edge
14" (0578 N6U). It has a core i3 390M with integrated graphics. I
installed an atheros wifi card after installing a modded bios, though I
don't think that is the cause of the issue. (I searched the linux-libre
codebase for that error message a while back, and I think there was a
hard-coded 60 second wait for when there was an error with patching

Kernel installed: Linux-libre 2.6.38
Previous kernel (without this issue): Linux-libre 2.6.35

Thanks very much for your work!

P.S. I wasn't able to find this mailing list on my own after searching
for and reading linux-libre info web pages. Maybe you could put the link
to this mailing list somewhere prominently? (though maybe I just didn't
look in the right place.)

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