AMD Radeon RX 6000 support

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Mon Apr 18 00:50:50 UTC 2022

I am considering purchasing a GPU from the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series, although I suspect these GPUs do not work without blobs.
There are no h-node entry for these cards, the deblob log shows dozens of entries for AMDGPU, and the Linux Firmware repo has tons of firmware for AMDGPU in it with no equivalents in the Linux-libre Firmware repo, which is worrying.
If anybody has one of these cards, please may you report if it works?If anybody knows anybody who has one of these cards, please may you ask the person to report if it works?Should I ask somewhere else?
On another note, can we start a campaign to ask AMD to liberate their Linux blobs?I recall there was one a long time ago concerning the AMD PSP which ultimately failed, I think due to lack of perseverance as people got bored and gave up, or AMD just doing it for the PR.However, what struck me was that they were unusually receptive to the idea, and it got mainstream attention from people who have systems full of blobs and proprietary video games.Perhaps if we all try again we can succeed.
Thank you very much,AR.
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