Deblob instructions, was: Linux-libre architecture and how to modify it for other uses cases?

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Tue Nov 9 19:25:38 UTC 2021

On Nov  1, 2021, "Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli" <GNUtoo at> wrote:

>> IMHO, cleaning up should be separated from building.  I favor making
>> cleaned-up souces available,

> In practice they are in two different functions. So while it's in the
> same file, it's still clearly separated.

The point is really about having enough of a separation that taking the
cleaned-up sources and publishing them, and then using them as input for
the next step doesn't feel like splitting up a process.  It's to
conceive of them as two separate processes, each with a useful output
that stands on its own, even though they can be combined into a pipeline
if that happens to be convenient.

I don't know enough about the system you describe as to tell whether the
separation that exists is enough to make these different steps come
across as sufficiently separate as to make them runnable separately and
independently, and for them to come across as conceptually independent.

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