transitioning GNU Linux-libre to git-based releases

Matias Fonzo selk at
Fri May 8 00:16:30 UTC 2020

Hello Alexandre,

El 2020-05-07 09:59, Alexandre Oliva escribió:
> # Tarballs
> We'd keep on creating and publishing tarballs, at least for now.  I'm
> not sure whether it makes sense to create all of .bz2, .xz and .lz,
> though.  Please let me know whether you rely on any of these formats;
> we'd keep them mainly for backward-compatibility, since any of them
> could/would from now on be created from the git repo with git archive.

I'm not sure I understand how the new process for getting linux-libre 
will work.  In Dragora (as maintainer) I depend on the linux-libre 
tarball to compile and then distribute it, specifically in the lzip 
format.  Cloning the git-based repository or getting tarballs from there 
(using the links it provides) could be a drawback in terms of time and 
resources (machine).  Currently, it's not a problem for me to have the 
resource on the machine itself, but cloning a repository on old machines 
could be a problem.

However it seems a good move for the deblob scripts tracking.  :-)

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