cannot boot with linux-libre>=5.7, amdgpu and cryptsetup

edgar at edgar at
Wed Jul 15 02:59:56 UTC 2020

Hi. I will be answering as I go to each part

On 2020-07-14 02:12, Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli wrote:
> I've already added support in linux-libre for all the AMD/ATI GPUs that 
> I had access too,

Thank you!

> but despite writing in depth documentation for both
> Trisquel and Parabola on how to do that,

Where is the info for Parabola? (not that it is really needed at this 

> I didn't add any GPUs supported by the amdgpu driver yet.

I hope that I can help with that (I glanced at the documentation, and 
will be working on that).

> As changes like that need to be tested, and that I don't know what GPU 
> you have exactly I would need:
> - The output of the lspci command
> - The output of the dmesg command after loading the amdgpu driver

(see attached

> In addition I will need you to test a patched linux-libre kernel. In 
> the
> worst case I can temporarily add a new kernel for that in Paraobla to
> make it easy for you to test the result.

I think that I can help with that. In fact, I tried to refactor an AUR 
package for the AMD Raven series so that it uses linux-libre. I am able 
to compile it, but it suffers the same drawback for the screen as the 
regular linux-libre (no wonder, but I had to try).

> But first you need to boot with a recent Parabola.

Oh, my Parabola is recent! :) . I am using LTS as I am writing this. I 
know what you mean, though: you want the 5.7 series of the kernel. I got 
it ;) .

> As I don't know OpenRC you'll either have to use systemd for that, or
> use OpenRC and find equivalent to the systemd specific part.

Let's play safe first. I made a new partition on my encrypted LVM, and I 
installed Parabola over there. I removed OpenRC and installed SystemD. 
When we are done, I will ask you what needs to be reconstructed for 
OpenRC (one step at a time).

> make sure that:
> - The radeon and amdgpu drivers are not loaded. With systemd, adding
>   'modprobe.blacklist=radeon' and 'modprobe.blacklist=amdgpu' to
>   the kernel command line should be sufficient for that.


> - You don't have Xorg or any desktop manager, as desktop managers like
>   gdm, lightdm, etc do load the GPU drivers if they are not already
>   loaded.

I uninstalled lightdm (for i in lightdm xdm gdm lxdm; do pacman -Rnucs 
"$i"), and I renamed .xinitrc, .bash_profile and .xserverrc

> When you managed to boot, you could try to paste the output of the
> 'lspci -nn' command as root.

(see attached lspci-5.7.8.log.gz)

> If you use systemd for that, you could try to make journald store logs
> in a persistant way. To do that, make sure that
> /etc/systemd/journald.conf has 'Storage=persistent', so for instance it
> could look like that:
>> [Journal]
>> Storage=persistent
>> [...]
> Then you need to restart journald:
>> systemctl restart systemd-journald.service


> Then, to be sure it works, you could restart your computer and try to
> get the previous kernel log:
>> journalctl -k  -b -1
> I'm unsure if you need to restart it once or twice though.

One time did nothing. It worked the second time.

> Then, as root, try to load the amdgpu driver and get back logs with the
> following commands:
>> dmesg -c
>> modprobe amdgpu
>> dmesg > amdgpu.log
>> sync
>> poweroff

(see dmesg-5.7.8-amdgpu.log.gz)

I think that you meant

#+begin_src bash
shutdown -P now

but may be =poweroff= is more general

> Normally after the modprobe amdgpu, you should have a black screen, but
> you will need to continue typing the commands blindly.

Yes, indeed. I just replaced the newlines with =; sleep3;=. I hope the 
output is not chopped :P

> Denis.

Thanks. To make sure that we are on the same page: I am using the 
=linux-libre= from repositories.

As I said, I just glanced at the documentation to create the patched 
version of =linux-libre=, but I already downloaded the source for 
=5.7.8= and the deblobbing scripts. If you have specific instructions 
based on the log outputs that I am sending, let me know.

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