Funding a project to add all AMD / Radeon GPUs?

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at
Tue Jul 14 02:32:34 UTC 2020


Linux-libre only support 5 Radeon GPU families:
- R600
- Evergreen
- RV770
- Northern Islands
- Southern Islands

However the Radeon driver supports much more GPUs.
The following older GPU families need to be tested to understand if they
work or not:
- R100
- R200
- R300
- R400
- R500
- R700

And the following GPU families probably don't work at all:
- C.Islands
- V.Islands
- A.Islands and the Linux kernel source in
drivers/gpu/drm/radeon has more information on the supported GPUs.

In addition we have GPUs that are now supported by the amdgpu driver,
and I didn't look into it yet.

Once Linux-libre support is done, the next steps would be to make sure
that Xorg and Wayland work fine with the driver. Sometimes you need
some small tweaks to make it work.

There is more information on all that here:

Given the status of the radeon and amdgpu drivers in linux-libre, did
you already consider funding a project to add support for all AMD and
Radeon GPUs to linux-libre?

It would require to:
- Find some funding (through NLnet, the FSF, crowdfunding through the
  FSF, etc).
- Find someone to do it (I'm already way too busy with Replicant and
  personal issues).
- Make sure that the people working on it have one or more desktop
  computers where it's possible to plug AMD/ATI GPUs, a keyboard and a
- Buy or find 1 GPU for each family, in order to test the result. It
  can potentially be time consuming to find them second hand as
  depending on the location, availability can come and go.

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