Proposed Architecture Removals

Jason Self j at
Thu Jan 24 16:11:16 UTC 2019

I propose removal of 3 architectures from the freesh APT repository, 
due to an apparent lack of use.

* powerpc - 32-bit and 64-bit big-endian PowerPC processors like the 
603, 604, 750 (G3), 7400 (G4), PowerQUICC and 64-bit ones like 620, 
POWER4, POWER5 and the 970 (G5) that have a 32-bit userland.

* ppc64 - 64-bit big-endian POWER4 and above with a 64-bit userland 
(not to be confused with ppc64el which is litte-endian for POWER8 or 

* s390x - z/Architecture, IBM's 64-bit instruction set architecture 
implemented by its mainframe computers.

Any objections?

This wouldn't have be permanent though: If even one person wanted an 
architecture supported (and used it) I'd be happy to keep it/add it 
back. Until/unless that happens it seems that building kernels for 
architectures with no usage seems a waste of time.

Architectures that would remain:

i386 (both PAE and non-PAE)
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