Freeloong bug fixes

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at
Tue Feb 19 21:26:59 UTC 2019

For yeeloong users out there, I want to let you know that a fix for a
long-standing hang-on-reboot issue, that has affected yeeloongs since
4.10, has finally been fixed.  I've merged the fix into 5.0-rc7, and
I'll put it in for upcoming releases out of the 4.20, 4.19, 4.14, 4.9
and 4.4 branches.

Another patch, that was already merged upstream as of 4.19.23, 4.20.10
and 5.0-rc6, fixed shutdown, that occasionally ended up as a reboot.

There's also investigation underway about a hard disk/slow system issue
that at least for me started with 4.20.  Although some patches have been
proposed and tested, so far nothing seems to have fixed the issue and
restored normal system performance.

Thanks to Tom Li, Aaro Koskinen and Maciej W. Rozycki, who have so far
investigated and proposed fixes for these issues.

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