GNU Linux-libre 4.19-rc8-gnu

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at
Mon Oct 15 14:56:37 UTC 2018

Scripts have been updated, tarballs and patches are available for
testing.  Please let me know if you find any problems in it.  Binaries
are on the way.

Aside from the usual assortment of new blobs and false positives, the
latest version silences several "uninitialized variable" warnings in the
-libre portion of firmware.h that had been introduced in 4.18.  It's
harmless, and there are other such harmless warnings remaining, but this
one really looked like an actual bug that needed fixing, before I
concluded it was harmless after all ;-)

I could try to silence the remaining one, and while at that make the
kernel slimmer (letting the compiler optimize out the
post-reject_firmware success path, since it will always return an error
code), or fatter (initializing *fw=NULL even though it can't be used
after an error), but I decided, under the principle of minimal changes
we abide to, that we'd be better off leaving the success path in, though
it won't ever be taken, without slowing things down unnecessarily,
despite the warnings.

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