linux-libre 4.15 Ryzen

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at
Tue Jan 2 06:51:27 UTC 2018

On Dec 29, 2017, edgar at wrote:

> I am trying to compile linux-libre 4.15

Where did you get that?  I could save myself the work of deblobbing
4.15, if someone else has already beaten me to it ;-)

> someone tell me what I should disable in the attached diff?

I'm afraid I couldn't find any attachment.

Anyway, Linux-libre doesn't work by forcing any drivers disabled, but
rather by disabling the specific bits in them that are non-Free, or that
require non-Free Software.  This takes work, and this work hasn't been
done for 4.15 yet.

You might get a headstart by adjusting the 4.14 deblobbing scripts and
trying them on 4.15.  That's how I get the development of a new
Linux-libre release started.  But after that, there's usually a lot of
investigation of the resulting tarball, since deblob-check will nearly
always still report numerous suspect passages in the code.

Many of them turn out ot be false positives, and then deblob-check is
adjusted to recognize them as such.  A few are stuff we want to disable,
and then deblob-check and the deblob-4.15 script would have to be
adjusted to clean them up.  Even fewer are stuff we'd normally want to
disable, but for other reasons turn out to be ok, so we have to preserve
those.  Finally, there's the possibility that some of the changes we
used to make in 4.14 are no longer appropriate for 4.15, and they have
to be removed, or adjusted so as to still have the intended effects.

I'll post an announcement here when I have something that I'm confident
won't bring non-Free stuff onto one's computer.  Until someone has done
this work, there's really no way to give solid advice as to how to avoid
4.15 from bringing non-Free Software onto your computer, I'm afraid.

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