Inaccurate deblobbing breaks rtl8192ce

number Zero silverunicorn2011 at
Sat Aug 13 22:16:48 UTC 2016

The rtl8192ce driver as present in linux-libre don’t work for me at all.
However, after I made it to ignore the EINVAL error from the
reject_firmware_nowait function (in
drivers/net/wireless/realtek/rtlwifi/rtl8192ce/sw.c), it works fine.
I could send you the patch, but don’t think that’s the right solution.
Really, are there any reasons for reject_firmware_nowait to return
-EINVAL? Original function, request_firmware_nowait, returns non-zero
only in extreme conditions, like out-of-memory or module being unloaded.
Unlike request_firmware, it doesn’t fail when firmware is absent. So
shouldn’t the reject_firmware_nowait function behave as if the requested
firmware merely absent?

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