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Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Thu Aug 27 19:30:12 UTC 2015

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On Aug 25, 2015, iguleder <dima at dimakrasner.com> wrote:

> If so, is there any way to generate .config files with all deblobbed
> modules disabled?

If the hack of arranging for such modules to depend on nonfree doesn't
work, then the best I can think of is to enumerate all clean_kconfig
calls in deblob-<kver> and use the named config options to mechanically
disable them in a .config file.  I'm not sure it's bullet-proof, though;
I recall disabling stuff and having 'make oldconfig' reenable it due to
'select' directives elsewhere.

> I want to produce a smaller kernel package, without
> modules that won't work anyway.

It's not correct to assume that, just because we deblob something in a
module, it won't work at all.  There are numerous modules that only
require blobs for certain hardware variants.

> I was thinking, maybe the Kconfig files of deblobbed modules should be
> modified, so their default is n (instead of y or m).

Thanks, this is a very interesting idea.  Maybe clean_kconfig should
take an additional argument to tell whether to do that, and then we can
incrementally name modules that won't work at all.

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