emergency file server cleanup

Matias A. Fonzo selk at dragora.org
Fri Sep 19 20:30:32 UTC 2014

El Thu, 18 Sep 2014 18:00:51 -0300
"Matias A. Fonzo" <selk en dragora.org> escribió:
> Hello Alexandre,
> El Thu, 18 Sep 2014 17:16:53 -0300
> Alexandre Oliva <lxoliva en fsfla.org> escribió:
> > Disk space shortage that has prevented me from completing
> > security-related builds, along with local hard disk problems that
> > have prevented me from completing my monthly-ish backups prior to
> > cleaning up old builds, have led me to do something I hadn't done
> > for a while: removing tarballs of old releases.
> Have you considered to use sourceforge as alternative?. It has mirrors
> around the world.
> > I took a slightly different take on it from earlier rounds, though:
> > instead of wiping out all old tarballs, I got rid of *.bz2* and
> > *.lz* files older than 2 months, while preserving the corresponding
> > *.xz* files.
> Why? Lzip can compress more than xz with a bit of tuning via
> --options. And it is not forcing users to possess a lot of memory to
> decompress .xz. Lzip was designed for long-term archiving, having a
> tool to recover corrupt files. Ideal for linux-libre, especially
> because it is under the GPL.
> > [..]
> Regards,
> Matias

I forgot to include the reference:

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