emergency file server cleanup

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Thu Sep 18 20:16:53 UTC 2014

Disk space shortage that has prevented me from completing
security-related builds, along with local hard disk problems that have
prevented me from completing my monthly-ish backups prior to cleaning up
old builds, have led me to do something I hadn't done for a while:
removing tarballs of old releases.

I took a slightly different take on it from earlier rounds, though:
instead of wiping out all old tarballs, I got rid of *.bz2* and *.lz*
files older than 2 months, while preserving the corresponding *.xz*
files.  This alone saved us 50GB, which should be more than enough
breathing room till I preserve freed-ora and lemote/gnewsense (*) binary
builds in my local historical backups and then proceed to cleaning them
up on the server.

For much older source releases that were not even packaged with xz, for
another GB or so, I retained .bz2 and dropped the .lz, after deciding
the 20MB of savings the opposite would have afforded me wasn't worth the
inconvenience, given that bzip2 is far more readily avaiable than lzip.

I hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone too much.

(*) the yeeloong machine that Daniel Clark from FreedomIncluded and then
from the FSF kindly provided to enable such builds has ether died or
become inaccessible network-wise, and I haven't been able to reach him,
so the builds have come to a halt, just as I built a kernel with a fix
for the 3.16-gnu yeeloong_cpufreq bug that made the available build
unusable :-( I've asked Lisa, FSF sysadmin, whether she could provide me
with a replacement, and the good news is that it's in the process of
being set up.  Builds for gnewsense/mipsel(yeeloong) shall resume when
it's up and running.  Thanks to Freedom Included and the FSF!

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