lemote/gnewsense repo has caught up (was: Re: GNU Linux-libre 3.17-gnu is now available)

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Thu Oct 23 14:04:29 UTC 2014

On Oct  5, 2014, Alexandre Oliva <lxoliva at fsfla.org> wrote:

> Speaking of which, as of last Friday, we have a new Yeeloong up and
> running, kindly offered by the FSF (thanks!), so mipsel builds for
> gNewSense/Yeeloong have resumed.  Builds to catch up with the backlog
> are underway.

Some 3 weeks and 33 builds later, our lemote/gnewsense repository is
fully up to date, with working builds for all of our source releases.
Echoing the identi.ca announcement:

  GNU Linux-libre 3.17.1-gnu, 3.16.6-gnu, 3.14.22-gnu, 3.12.30-gnu,
  3.10.58-gnu, 3.4.104-gnu1_1 and 3.2.63-gnu1_1 mipsel .debs for
  gnewsense/yeeloong are now available, after a few weeks catching up on
  all earlier releases after a failure of the build machine.
  3.17-rc6-gnu_1, 3.17-rc7-gnu_1 (fixing an upstream bug in
  3.17-rc7-gnu), 3.17-gnu_1 (ditto), 3.16.5-gnu, 3.16.4-gnu, 3.16.3-gnu,
  3.16.2-gnu, 3.14.21-gnu, 3.14.20-gnu, 3.14.19-gnu, 3.14.18-gnu,
  3.12.30-gnu, 3.12.29-gnu, 3.12.28-gnu, [3.12.27-gnu, accidentally
  omitted in the identi.ca post], 3.10.57-gnu, 3.10.56-gnu, 3.10.55-gnu,
  3.10.54-gnu_1 (fixing another upstream bug in 3.10.54-gnu_0, also
  present in 3.4.104-gnu1_0 and 3.2.63-gnu1_0) were also built (and
  rebuilt for bugfixes) after the FSF kindly offered a replacement build
  machine, so that all releases are covered and functional

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