USBDUX drivers deblobbed by mistake

Legimet legimet.calc at
Sat Nov 1 18:38:47 UTC 2014


I was looking at the list of firmware files in Debian's firmware-linux-free 
package and found the firmware for a data acquisition unit called USBDUX. It 
seems that the USBDUX drivers in Linux-libre have been deblobbed by mistake.

The firmware files (usbdux_firmware.bin, usbduxfast_firmware.bin, 
usbduxsigma_firmware.bin) along with the source (GPL'd by the company) can be 
found in linux-firmware.git. They can easily be compiled using the latest as31 
2.3.1 (as packaged in Trisquel and other Debian-based distros) and tweaking 
the makefile so that it doesn't compile its own as31 2.1. I did this and got 
identical binaries.

If the deblobbing of these drivers was a mistake, please consider "un-
deblobbing" them.


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