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Christian Bryant christian at
Fri May 16 17:31:58 UTC 2014


The purpose of this email is two-fold:

1) I've snagged the domain for a project I'm working 
on now, a build and test infrastructure written in Emacs Lisp that 
mirrors in some ways the Linux from Scratch project [1], but replaces 
the Linux kernel with GNU Linux-libre and keeps the packages to mostly 
the GNU OS and GPL'd software.  I currently have my domain forwarding to 
the GNU Linux-libre web page (I hope that is OK) so that folks who don't 
know the project but know me will be exposed to it.  Once I have my 
Alpha release ready and the accompanying build book, I will move the 
domain to my project page (unless I merge the work with an existing 
project).  I hope I can update you at that time, and be listed under the 
GNU Linux-libre project page as an "Other source of binaries".

2) I use gNewSense as my OS and do all my builds there.  While I 
research other build projects out there to help flesh out my project, I 
thought the best place to learn would be from the "source" at the GNU 
Linux-libre project.  I was curious what type of help you may require 
currently, from testing changes in build scripts to 
review/maintenance/writing of GNU Linux-libre documentation.  Naturally, 
with a full-time job and a project of my own, I'm looking for small 
tasks, BUT haven't excluded the possibility that what I learn from GNU 
Linux-libre could open an opportunity to merge any build scripting work 
I do into the GNU Linux-libre tool set (how ever many years it takes to 
complete).  My LibrePlanet page is listed in my signature for more 

Thanks for GNU Linux-libre - I think I've mentioned this to folks 
involved with the project before but it has totally transformed my 
approach to GNU/Linux and where I want to take my computing moving 
forward, both at work and at home.  It's a brand GNU world!



Christian Bryant
Jabber: cabryant at

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